As fuck.

We are a two-person team that enjoys planning, designing, and developing tools & products.

We create things that help, humor, & inspire.

A chatty portfolio for a spacey chick.

Look at this


A growing collection of tacky tools built using Tachyons & Unsplash.

Just look at it

We build products with three things in mind:

  • Make it useful. Help scratch an itch.
  • Make it human. The best experiences are honest ones, so don’t shy away from that.
  • Make something unique that grabs attention and teaches people something in the process.

Maxim Siebert

Heather Vandervecht

We created Blunt to build our own products.

We collaborate with designers, developers, or agencies that have great ideas.

We like to

Try new things, set our own limits, and see how far we go.

We have honest conversations and active imaginations.

We create things that matter.

So give a fuck.